Thursday, July 2, 2009


I hop to see a peaceful relations between the u.s.a and the muslim world,BECAUSE THERE IS RESPONSIBLES AT OUR MUSLIM WORLD USE THE TENSION,THE WAR CIRCUMSTANCES TO VIOLATE THE HUMAN RIGHTS,THE LAW and act as they posses,own the land,the people,as I had explain at my blog,website,SO I NEED ALL POOSIBLE SUPPORT(NOT MONEY)FROM ANYBODY,BY LEGAL SUPPORT(TO LODGE THE JUDICIAL ACT AT THE U.S.A- - -ETC)OR BY PUBLISHING- - ETC,to take all legal proceedings against the vodafone company,some responsibles at the egyptian customs,BECAUSE THEIR VIOLATIONS OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS,THE LAW,MY EMAIL:hlmelsaid761@gmail.comsphere: related content

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