Sunday, June 28, 2009


WE MUST ENFORCE THE RESPONSIBLES TO RESPECT THE LAW,THE HUMAN RIGHTS,WHERE SOME RESPONSIBLES AT THE THIRD WORLD ACT AS THEY HAD OWEN THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS,so I need all possible help,support(not money),from amny one,to take all legal proceedings against the vodafone company,some responsibles at the egyptian customs,because their violations of the law,the human rights(as explained at my,WHERE THERE IS ATTEMPTS TO HELP THESE RESPONSIBLES TO ESCAPE FROM THE JUSTICE,AS EXAMPLE OF THESES ATTEMPTS THE VODAFONE COMPANY HAD SELL ME A MOBILE-3G WITH CORRUPTED SOFTWARE,HARDWARE TO PREVENT MY CONTACT WITH THE MEDIA,and the egyptian general prosecutor had refuse my official reprt to lodge the criminal act against these responsibles,without taking any investigation proceedings,although the demonstrated evidences at the documents.sphere: related content

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