Sunday, June 7, 2009

vodafone company,egyptian customs

I need all possible support(not money),from every body,to lodge the criminal act against some responsibles at the egyptian customs,because their violation of the law,the human rights,where the vodafone company had sell me a corrupted mobile-3g to prevent my contact with the media,so I HAD INFORM THE INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE CHAMBER TO TAKE ALL POSSIBLE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THIS COMPANY ,THESE RESPONSIBLES(AS MY PHOTO" THE CASE DOCUMENTS" IN THIS BLOG),HAD VIOLATE THE LEGAL SYSTEM TO CHOOSE THE TARIFFS OFFICER,TO JOIN THEIR SONS,AND BECAUSE ANOTHER ILLEGAL PURPOSES,although that consider crimes according the egyptian penal code,the egyptian general prosecutor had refuse my official report to lodge the criminal act against these responsibles,WITHOUT TAKING ANY INVESTIGATION PROCEEDINGS,ALTHOUGH THE DEMONSTRATED EVIDENCES AT THE DOCUMENTS,so I had complaint from this order,and I need all possible support,help(not money),to lodge the criminal act against these responsibles,FOR CONTACTING,THE DOCUMENTS MY,MY NAM:helmy elsaid elsaid,MY JOB:egyptian customs officer.sphere: related content

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  1. I need this support to lodge the criminal act against these responsibles,to impose the respect of the law,the human rights at our world.